Cereal entrepreneurs
April 20, 2015  

Nowadays it seems like everyone I meet in Brooklyn or Silicon Valley claims to be a cereal entrepreneur. I’m not buying it. Get back to me when you’ve accomplished half as much as the real old-school masters.

Cap’n Crunch

Capn Crunch

The Cap’n is famous for promising to staying crunchy in milk, and he delivers. Back in college I ate three bowls of Cap’n Crunch every day as part of my breakfast. The Cap’n made a real impression—on the roof of my mouth!


Tony the Tiger

Frosted Flakes

Sure, you could dump some sugar on a plain old bowl of Corn Flakes, but with Frosted Flakes, each flake is coated with a layer of crunchy, hardened sugar.

They’re great!



What could a unicyle-riding space alien possibly contribute to humanity’s highly-advanced cereal technology? How about this: when you pour milk onto a bowl of Quisp, it’s impossible to avoid hitting the inside of one of the saucer-shaped nuggets. These have been scientifically designed to splash the milk out of the bowl, all over the table.