Remote work is a moon shot
January 19, 2014  

I was happy to see Marc Andreessen’s recent comments supporting remote work (via Gigaom):

@om Need to get to day when most physical travel viewed as inherently silly, when can be virtually anywhere anytime from home. Link

@om Only way for 10B people to live full modern lifestyles without destroying planet. Bandwidth everywhere, max software, max virtual. Link

If self-driving cars are a moon shot, then so is remote work. I used to drive about an hour each way to work; a self-driving car would have let me use that time productively, rather than endure two hours a day of stress, danger, and tedium. But it would have been even better if I didn’t have to get in a car at all.

It’s surprising how many tech enthusiasts are anxiously waiting for someone to build them a self-driving car, when they could be working remotely today. Yes, there are challenges to overcome, but these are mainly challenges of convention, not technology and law.